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Leadership Competency Assessment

The quality of Leadership matters. Good leadership creates a realm of prosperity and a realm of safety – and it matters.

In fact it matters to the extent of around 14% of the measured outcome of an organization’s performance – and this is on the upside! Anecdotally, and also in terms of the standard performance measure of say a share price, there is a library of case studies where poor leadership has destroyed value.

That a single human being can bring such a measured outcome to bear on an organization’s performance is intuitively acknowledged by most people. On the downside, the impact is regretfully far greater.

There can never be an over-supply of good “LEADERSHIP”. An ambition of NOTED is to add quality insight and practice to the development of a good leadership culture in this country. The challenge is knowing what constitutes “good”? There are as many opinions as there are commentators in this respect.

NOTED exists to bring clarity of thought, understanding and practice to some of the most vexed topics in the field of human performance.

NOTED has deep experience in the discipline and practice of measuring what we call “the SOFT” – those attributes of being human that are difficult to quantify and make sense of. Just as NOTED has expertise in the domain of valuing people’s paradigms and mindsets in the field of marketing and opinion research, so we have expertise in the field of Leadership.

We have a 30 year relationship with one of the world’s leading practitioners in behavioural economics – the practice of producing predictive competency profiles. Unlike personality tests which are not predictive, these profiles predict performance. These profiles map, in a globally standardised structure, the actual behaviour of real leaders that predict successful outcomes. In short, we know what the top leader is doing that brings the 14% measured outcome mentioned above.

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