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Digital Community Building

Digital Community Building

Digital Community building is available to all businesses, marketers and interest groups. This fully client branded service allows you to engage constructively with those that matter most to your business.

Building communities amongst stakeholders, especially clients/customers is of increasing value in this digital age as it allows:

  • On-going two way structured and branded communication vie email and sms
  • Sharing of new ideas and brainstorming via online chat rooms
  • Use of polls and questions for quick feedback on tactical matters
  • Highly targeted engagement through deep profiling of all community members
  • Personal profile maintenance – community members can create and update their own profiles as needed
  • Distribution of rewards and other incentives
  • Sending of email communication, as per a normal email service, but with many other possible features including the sending of fully interactive emails

Noted offers a world class white label community building platform at very competitive rates.

Noted can also provide a dual management licence meaning that you can manage your own community as and if the need arises. Noted will facilitate training and support at the appropriate times.

Contact Andrew Barnes at andrew@noted.co.za for further information or a platform demonstration.

Online community building is:

  • Growing rapidly
  • Very cost effective in engaging with and motivating feedback from specific targeted groups
  • Productive and constructive because repeat engagement with community members yield better quality output over time
  • A motivator of brand ambassadorship