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Business Competency

Business Competency

NOTED’s mission is simple. We offer solutions that reduce arbitrary decision making around “hard to measure” business realities. Understanding and predicting people’s behaviour is probably the single most vexed challenge for leaders – whether in business, politics, or social situations.

COMPETENCY is the researched discipline of measuring behaviour used to perform tasks. Working with deep data going back to the 1940’s, we offer business leaders a robust solution to the vexed problem of the human being and performance.

Evidence-based research in the field of human performance, worked through the exacting grid of behavioural economics and statistical discipline, supports the following assertions:

The use of orthodox competency insight and practice increases the likelihood of a successful fit between a person and the job to around 72%. This is a predictive statement based on hard measures. When understood against the background of the standard paradigm that people matters are hard to measure, this insight is of major significance to true business leaders.

We see productivity increases of around 19% in simple jobs; 36% in medium complex jobs and 43% in complex jobs. Sales jobs have seen an increase of at least 120%. We know that 40% of these increases is solely down to the behaviour of people as a single cause influencer. In any one’s language this is a high enough number to invest resources that unlock and apply the insights.

COMPETENCY can be applied to any job and is best used for those roles which contain the tasks required to execute strategy. We use a standardized dictionary of behaviour which is culture-free. Behavioural profiles are created following a rigorous and defined process which frequently brings levels of clarity rarely experienced by top leadership teams.

NOTED works with one of the world’s foremost behaviour economists and practitioners. Over the 30 years of collaboration we have access, and indeed have been involved in the development of profiles across many commercial sectors for clients – FMCG, IT, Financial Services, Mass Transport, Banking, high end engineering, Insurance, Distribution, Airline and Food Logistics. We also have had developed some bespoke profiles in 2 categories which attract significant interest – the Entrepreneurial Profile and The Leadership Profile.

The application of our expertise is best utilized where leadership takes genuine ownership and understands the critical link between human behaviour and business performance. NOTED will engage once this connection has been accepted – usually through the ownership of a leader who has the genuine authority to shape the people strategy and practice in the business.

For more information please contact Simon Middleton at simon@noted.co.za.